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A typical Romanian city in the Carpathian Basin is the medium-sized city of Brasov, which has a total population of about 280,000.

However, the city is rather a German city in its origin, as its foundation happened in the 13th century by knights of the German Order, who founded the most southeastern German city here and called it Kronstadt.

Presence of Brasov

As in the past, Brasov is still a cultural and also economic centre for the region, not least of course because of its size. The city’s two universities, which have a very good reputation even beyond the borders of Romania, also play an equally large part in this.

Of course, the immediate economy and industry also benefits from this, with mechanical engineering in particular having increasingly settled here.

Brasov is also of interest to tourists and travellers as a rail hub, with the planned airport certainly capable of further boosting tourism in Brasov and the Carpathians in general.

On foot, however, the historic old town should then be visited and especially looked at, which is undoubtedly an attraction in its medieval image.

Exploring the Brasov countryside

That tourism is partly based on the region around Brasov, of course, because after all the Carpathians and Transylvania are well-known names all over the world, not least because of the legends surrounding Count Dracula.

If you want to follow in his footsteps, you can of course hire car, which will allow you to explore the very extensive forests in the Capates.

With a hire car, it is also practical to explore the city, which unfortunately no longer has a tram.

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