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Hire car theft: tips and tricks

It is a nightmare for many hire car customers. In the evening, the beautiful vehicle was still safely in the hotel parking lot and the next morning there is no trace.

But don’t worry, with our tips you will have little trouble if your hire car is stolen.

Insuring the car properly

When renting the car, you should already make sure that it is well insured. Look for an offer with car theft insurance without deductible. This insurance will then be fully liable for the loss if the car is stolen.

Securing the car properly

Do everything you can to make life difficult for car thieves. Always park your rental vehicle in a guarded parking lot and, if necessary, secure it additionally with a steering wheel claw.

Taking photos

Before your first drive, take pictures of your vehicle from all sides. Pay particular attention to any unique distinguishing marks. This could be a scratch on the side or a special sticker.

In the event of theft, the police will then have a few mug shots to hand straight away.

Do not leave valuables in the vehicle

Valuables that are especially visible, such as a cell phone or laptop, magically attract car thieves. Empty the car before you leave it. Your valuables are safe in the hotel safe.

Notify rental station

If the car is stolen despite your prudence, you must contact your rental company and inform them of the car theft. Your rental company will then provide you with advice and assistance.

Notify police

The local police must also be notified immediately of the theft. An officer will then prepare a theft report. Do not sign any documents that you do not fully understand.

If you are unsure abroad, you must insist on an interpreter. If necessary, your hotel or local travel agency can also assist you. Your German hire car partner will also be happy to assist you.

Notify insurance

If your vehicle is not insured through your rental company, but through your credit card, for example, you must notify the appropriate insurance company.

It’s best to save the phone number in your cell phone before you drive.

Secure Car Key

Pay special attention to your car key especially after the theft. It will serve as proof that they were not negligent in causing the theft.

If you can’t prove that the key wasn’t in the ignition as a friendly invitation to the thief, no insurance company will pay.


If you follow our tips, you will not have any problems when you lose your hire car. And with reputable rental companies, you will also be provided with a replacement vehicle at short notice and can continue your trip quickly.

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