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Unfortunately, it happens again and again. The price for the hire car seems unbeatable cheap. But then it turns out that hidden additional costs make the supposed bargain an extremely expensive offer.

We have put together some safeguards against rip-offs.

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Driving a car in wet conditions

With your own car, even heavy rain showers are usually no problem. After all, you know how your vehicle reacts on wet roads.

It’s a completely different story if you’re driving a hire car. Maybe the vehicle puts more horsepower on the road, maybe it’s in unfamiliar rear-wheel drive.

In any case, it will react differently in the wet than your own car.

We’ve put together a few tips to help you get where you’re going safely, even in the wet.

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Automatic vehicle

Hire car customers often find themselves in an unfamiliar situation. Not only is the vehicle unfamiliar to them, but so is the transmission.

Drivers of automatic cars have to get used to a vehicle with a manual transmission and vice versa. But even though most German drivers have driven a manual before, for many a vehicle with an automatic transmission is completely new territory.

But don’t worry, with our tips the switch to automatic is no problem. And many drivers, once they get used to the convenience of an automatic, won’t want another car later

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Hire Car Checklist

Do you have all the important documents for the rental with you?

Passport/Personal ID
please pay attention to the validity

Driving license, if necessary also international driving license

Credit card
issued in the name of the registered principal driver – please ensure validity.

In addition, is your credit card sufficiently covered for the security deposit?
The security deposit will either be blocked only or debited and, once the vehicle is returned without damage, will be returned.

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Driving in left-hand traffic

Left-hand traffic in some travel countries is even a reason for some to choose a different holiday destination.

With that said, it’s not hard at all to master driving on the other side of the road.

We have put together some tips for you below.

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Riding in the mountains

People from the plains often underestimate the difficulties of driving in the mountains.

They choose the wrong hire car and torture themselves unnecessarily over steep passes and narrow serpentines.

We give you a few tips on choosing the right vehicle.

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Driving in extreme cold

In Germany, getting from A to B in a hire car is usually no problem. In this country, the outside temperatures rarely drop below -15° Celcius.

It looks different if you are on the road with the hire car in the far north or in the mountains. There, the vehicle can sometimes break down in freezing temperatures or not even start. In addition, the trip requires special precautions.

But with our tips you will get through the freezing winter well.

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Driving in big cities

Small should be the hire car to conquer the city without problems. Because with a small car you can also drive through narrow streets in old towns.

In addition, a small car will help you to overcome the most difficult problem in cities. Because with a small car, they have a real chance to get a parking space.

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Ferry Crossing Tips and Tricks

Crossing by ferry presents an additional obstacle for the hire car driver. After all, the vehicle is unfamiliar and it is quite crowded on a ferry.

In addition, seasickness can also occur and still the hire car has to be driven off the boat again on arrival.

We have therefore compiled a few tips for a safe ferry trip.

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Heat Rides

It happens again and again. The air conditioning fails in your hire car and the nearest rental station is far away.

With our tips, you can still get to your destination relaxed in hot countries.

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Jetlag: The underestimated danger

Many drivers underestimate the risks of driving under the influence of jet lag. They pick up the hire car after a long-haul flight and hit the road immediately.

This can have fatal consequences, as the body and mind need a few days to adjust to the new time zone. We’ve put together a few tips for dealing with jet lag.

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When booking a hire car, a deposit must always be paid. This protects the landlord against vehicle damage due to improper handling, but also against accident damage or theft.

The amount of the deposit is often related to the value of the vehicle. When renting a Fiat Panda is usually a much lower deposit to pay than if it is to go on vacation with the Mercedes S-class or with the 7-series BMW.

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Long Distance Hire Car

In Germany, the driver of a hire car usually gets to his destination quickly. Even people who want to go from Flensburg to Munich “only” have to drive a little more than 900 kilometres and reach their destination in a good 9 hours.

Totally different distances must be mastered if you travel with your hire car, for example, the USA or Australia.

There are often thousands of kilometres between the individual locations. For the choice of the right hire car there are completely different criteria than at home. We have compiled a few points.

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Hire car chosen correctly

The decision to hire car often arises spontaneously. While a car buyer usually spends months poring over catalogues and comparing models before deciding on the new car, many hire car drivers rent their car in a matter of minutes.

And often only the price is decisive. Yet it is well worth putting some thought into the right hire car to save a lot of hassle and often even money.

We have put together a few tips for you here.

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Hire car theft

It is a nightmare for many hire car customers. In the evening, the beautiful vehicle was still safely in the hotel parking lot and the next morning there is no trace.

But don’t worry, with our tips you will have little trouble if your hire car is stolen.

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Rent an SUV

In most travel countries, the renter is well served by a conventional vehicle. The road network is reasonably developed and the driver will normally not leave the paved roads.

But there are countries, such as Iceland or Namibia, where conventional roads can turn into dirt tracks. And here, an off-road vehicle should already be booked to get to your destination safely.

However, even the most off-road capable vehicle is of little use if the driver is unable to operate the car properly. We’ve put together a few tips for you.

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Mishap abroad

Even a hire car breaks down sometimes. And usually the tenant is then much more helpless than if the breakdown had happened with your own car. After all, you often know your own car for years and have a rough idea what could be missing from the vehicle.

With a hire car, on the other hand, you’re happy to deal with a completely unfamiliar model that you’ve never driven. The error messages are confusing and you can’t quite place the noises coming from the engine compartment either.

However, don’t panic: If you follow our rules, breaking down with a hire car can be more relaxing than driving your own vehicle.

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Accident with the hire car

To be involved in an accident with your own car is part of the horror of most drivers. It gets even worse when such a mishap happens with a hire car. But do not panic. With our checklist you will get safely and smoothly through the dicey situation.

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Insurance cover

Many hire car customers are unsure what insurance coverage is necessary to optimally protect the vehicle in the event of damage. And indeed, especially in the area of insurance, high additional costs can arise.

Despite this, no generally valid recommendation for the right insurance can be given at this point. This decision depends entirely on your personal security needs.

To give you an overview, we have summarized the most important types of insurance here.

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winter tyre obligation

Whoever is on the road in Germany in snow, ice and slippery conditions must fit winter tyres or so-called “all-weather tyres” on their vehicle. All tyres bearing the “M+S” symbol, which stands for “mud and snow”, are permitted.

These tires have a deeper tread, so motorists won’t slide even in inhospitable road conditions. While most motorists are well informed about the regulations in Germany, the question arises not only for winter sports enthusiasts, how it actually looks with the winter tire obligation abroad.

Despite an (almost) united Europe, each country still has its own legislation. And even the US and Canada each have their own regulations.

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