Hire Car

Hire Car Checklist

Do you have all the important documents for the rental with you?

Passport/Personal ID
please pay attention to the validity

Driving license, if necessary also international driving license

Credit card
issued in the name of the registered principal driver – please ensure validity.

In addition, is your credit card sufficiently covered for the security deposit?
The security deposit will either be blocked only or debited and, once the vehicle is returned without damage, will be returned.

When renting

Please be at the counter at the agreed pickup time or your vehicle may not be available.

If your arrival time is delayed, be sure to contact your rental station by phone. This is the only way to ensure that your reservation remains in place.

Check the contract for completeness and correctness before signing it.

Don’t agree to additional insurance if you don’t want it, or if the service is already covered by the tour operator’s insurance. Check carefully which services are already covered by the agent/organiser to avoid double booking.

Did you thoroughly inspect your vehicle for pre-existing damage before accepting it? Also check the vehicle for any externally visible damage.

Have any pre-existing damage, even minor scratches or dents, documented in the rental agreement. Also remember to check lights, turn signals, brake lights and hazard lights.

A briefing in the hire car will help you to get used to the initially unfamiliar car.

During the ride

In the event of an accident: First keep calm. In any case, have the accident recorded by the police and have an accident report drawn up. Contact the landlord and inform him about the accident.

Discuss the further steps with the landlord (towing, replacement car). Afterwards, also contact your tour operator in Germany directly.

On and after return

Be at the counter at the agreed return time. In case of delays, the landlord may charge additional costs. If you are seriously late, contact your landlord by phone.

Depending on your fuel arrangements, your vehicle must be returned empty, full or with the same fuel level as when you picked it up. Check which tank regulation you have agreed with the rental company. In the case of a full return, we advise you to keep the last fuel receipt. Have the landlord confirm the level of the tank when you return it.

In general, have the condition of the vehicle confirmed in writing. Keep your rental agreement and return log for your records.

Check your credit card statement to see if everything has been correctly charged back or debited.

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