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Thailand – Land of Discovery for Hire Car Drivers

Many tourists shy away from discovering Thailand by hire car. The roads seem too unsafe for them, the traffic too unpredictable.

While you have just with the hire car the chance to discover the unknown Thailand off the tourist trails.

To make booking and travel easier, we have compiled a few tips

Receiving the hire car

At Bangkok International Airport, you will find numerous hire car agencies on the second floor by Gate 8 of the passenger terminal. Just make sure your rental company is there before booking.

If it’s only located near the airport, you may have to wait forever for a shuttle to take you to your hire car after a long flight.

Insuring the car properly

Accidents can easily happen; because the Thai driving style does not correspond to European customs. So that a small fender bender does not become a big nuisance, you should always insure the car with fully comprehensive insurance without excess.

With liability insurance, you should always pay attention to the amount of coverage. It should be at least one million euros. Because if people are injured in an accident, without sufficient insurance coverage, you can face enormous costs.

If the coverage amount of your rental company seems too low, you can provide additional protection with a so-called traveller policy. Speak to your insurer and make sure your policy covers Thailand.

Hire car prices

Hire car prices in Thailand are in the mid-range segment. You will usually get the cheapest deal if you reserve the car well in advance and use our handy price comparison.

hire car price comparison thailand

Choosing the right hire car

Book a car with four-wheel drive to keep going well off the major roads and on dirt tracks.

Temperatures in Thailand rarely dip below 30°Celcius during the day. So be sure to make sure your car has air conditioning.

In the unfamiliar left-hand traffic, you will do easier if you choose a car with automatic transmission. Then there is no need to shift gears and you can concentrate fully on the traffic.

age limit

Drivers younger than 21 are unlikely to get a hire car in Thailand. With some rental companies, the age limit is even 23 years. Study the terms and conditions of your rental company carefully before renting the car.


You must always reserve accessories such as a navigation device or child seat separately. Remember to do this in good time so that the desired items are available on the day of the vehicle handover.

Driving license

An international driver’s license is required to rent a hire car in Thailand.

Free kilometers

Make sure to hire car with all kilometers free to experience the beauty of Thailand without any worries.


Be careful to rent from a rental company that only blocks the deposit on your credit card. After all, if he actually charges it, it may take longer for the money to go back into your account after you return the car.

Check the car

Be sure to check carefully that your car is free of defects before your first drive. Get any dents or scratches confirmed in writing by the rental company.

This is the only way to ensure that you won’t be held liable for damage you didn’t cause after you return the vehicle. Also test whether the lights and brakes are working properly.

Avoid the Deep South and Border Areas

Avoid the provinces of Narathiwat, Yala, Pattani as well as Songkhla. There is an increased risk of falling victim to terrorist attacks here.

In the border area with Cambodia, there are always disputes. It is better to steer clear of this region. It is best to find out about the current security situation shortly before you start your trip.

Getting used to driving on the left

After taking over the hire car, you should first practice on a quiet road and not immediately drive to the next big city. This will allow you to get used to left-hand traffic at your leisure.

Remember the speed limit

In towns you are allowed to drive 60 km/h. On country roads, 90 km/h is allowed. On motorways, the limit is 120 km/h.

Remember the blood-alcohol limit

The blood alcohol limit in Thailand is 0.5.

Hands off the mobile phone

It is not allowed to talk on the phone while driving.

Defensive driving

Thai road users often do not obey the traffic rules. Always expect the unexpected and drive defensively accordingly.

You should generally avoid driving at night in Thailand. If you are involved in an accident, be sure to avoid raising your voice and swearing at the other party.

Nothing is worse for a Thai than losing face. In such cases, violence may erupt, including the use of firearms.

Suggestion for a trip by hire car

Without a doubt, Thailand is a dreamland for holidaymakers. Here you can expect snow-white beaches lined with palm trees.

You can swim extensively in the warm sea or spot tropical fish on a snorkelling tour. To the north, dense forests cover the ridges.

Here you can go on extended excursions on the back of an elephant and spend a few days with the hospitable hill tribes.

Take a road trip and discover the beauty of Thailand.

Bangkok – Love at Second Sight

The trip begins in Bangkok, the country’s metropolis. At first, the city is a shock. Cars and all sorts of two- and three-wheelers line up close together. Everyone seems to be in a permanent traffic jam, the shimmering hot air is saturated with exhaust fumes. High-rise buildings line the streets.

But then you discover a Buddhist temple in an alley, step through the gate and find yourself in a world of peace and meditation. So don’t leave right away, but give Bangkok a few days to show its true colours.

King’s Palace: fairytale splendour

Start your tour in the city at the Royal Palace. Exotic and fearsome statues guard the gold-adorned buildings. Inside Wat Phra Keo, you’ll find the Emerald Buddha, one of the country’s shrines. Countless worshippers pay homage to him on their knees. Feel free to leave yourself half a day to visit the palace at your leisure.

And be sure to dress appropriately. Tourists in shorts or skimpy tops are often turned away by the strict palace guards. Afterwards, take in a bit of the city from the river. Hop on one of the express boats on the Chao Praya. Enjoy the cooling breeze and let the sea of houses pass you by.

Jim Thompson House: experiencing ancient Siam

Now you can delve a little into the past and visit the Jim Thompson House, for example. The successful silk merchant Jim Thompson had a residence built for himself in 1959 in the old Thai style. Here you get a good idea of how it used to look in Bangkok.

Chinatown: exotic market stalls

There are many more sights to discover. Take a stroll through the market in Chinatown. Everything from lucky amulets to live frogs are sold here.

Bussaracom: Royal Thai Cuisine

Or enjoy a Royal Thai meal at Bussaracum restaurant. This serves Royal Thai cuisine that isn’t as spicy as the usual street food.

Prachuap Khiri Khan – Magnificent views and dangerous monkeys

If you steer the hire car south, you will reach the provincial capital of Prachuap Khiri Khan after 280 kilometers. Unspoilt Thai small-town life awaits you in this place. Climb Khao Chong Krajok, the mirror mountain, and enjoy the view of the breathtaking coastline.

At the top, you’ll find Wat Thammaikaram. Here you can observe Buddhist monastic life. When you climb the mountain, keep a close eye on your valuables. The monkeys that live here are talented pickpockets.

Hua Hin – Royal seaside resort with flair

Hua Hin, the royal seaside resort, forms the end point of the road trip. Here you will find endless sandy beaches, stroll through a beautiful night market and snack on Thai specialties or try your luck on one of the nearby golf courses.

The restaurants on the harbour offer the best fish dishes and there is also a special hotel to discover in the village. The Centara Grand Beach Resort is all colonial style. It opened in 1923 as the Railway Hotel and retains much of the flair of days gone by.

The trees in the spacious park are pruned into animal sculptures by skilled gardeners. The house offers every luxury, all rooms are stylishly furnished. Several restaurants and bars await the guest. At one of the four pools of the house it can relax wonderfully and the central location invites to explore the place.


With a little spirit of adventure, Thailand is easy to travel by hire car. Only the traffic chaos of Bangkok you should avoid if possible.

Book the hire car only after you have visited Bangkok in detail. It is best to pick up the hire car at the airport.

It is located at the gates of the city, so you can start your hire car journey without having to drive through Bangkok. You can always find a cheap car with our handy price comparison.

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