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Pretoria in October, the time when spring begins in South Africa, is an absolute dream.

Around 70,000 jacaranda trees are then in full splendour, transforming the metropolis of millions into a magnificent purple sea of blossoms.

However, Pretoria is also more than worth a trip at any other time of year.

Located in the northern part of Gauteng province, it is not only the country’s capital, but also won the LiVCom award in 2005, making it the world’s most liveable city in a population of more than 750,000.

General information about Pretoria

The City of Tshwane, as Pretoria has also been officially known since 2007, meaning “we are all equal”, has been through its fair share of turmoil, to which numerous buildings still bear witness today.

It’s not hard to find your way around the well laid out city of Pretoria, but as it’s a huge territory, it’s highly recommended to explore the city with a hire car.

Sights in Pretoria

Especially around Church Square, which is the focal point of Pretoria’s historic city centre, you will find architectural highlights made of light-coloured sandstone in the classicist style.

Among them is the Palace of Justice, where the famous Revonia Trials were held in 1963/64. At the time, South African freedom fighters who had previously been arrested in Pretoria’s eponymous district were tried here.

Not among them, however, was the later, first black president and national hero Nelson Mandela. The Union Buildings, the seat of government in Pretoria, are located in the northeast of the city. It was here that Mandela was sworn in in 1994 and his fellow leaders rehabilitated two years earlier.

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