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Oujda is a Moroccan city located near the Algerian border.

Mainly due to the headquarters of the Zanata, a Moroccan Berber ethnic group, Oujda has been a contested place in the past.

During the 19th century and early 20th century, soldiers of the French Foreign Legion used the town as a base to secure the border with Algeria.

Leisure activities in Oujda

It is interesting to experience an evening in the city center of Oujda, unlike other cities in Morocco, here you can experience a lot and you never have the feeling that you are bored.

The main shopping street is home to many typical Moroccan shops and offers hours of shopping pleasure, including the obligatory haggling over price.

Exploring the surroundings of Oujda

Due to a lot of construction work, the city centre of Oujda is relatively modern and only a few remains of the medina (Arabic old town) can be discovered.

The surroundings of the city of Oujda, on the other hand, are a different story; here you will find massive non-touristy overflowing historical sights. A large part of these imposing buildings from several centuries ago, can be visited directly without major barriers or regulations.

Due to the great distances of the individual points, a hire car is a good idea, which can be obtained in Oujda. In addition to tours to the neighboring country of Algeria, the Mediterranean Sea is just 40 kilometers from Oujda and offers the opportunity to spend a day at the beach

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