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Located in the north of Morocco, Fes is one of the largest cities in the state, with a population of about 950,000.

Particularly the old town of Fes is one of the visitor magnets in Morocco – the old town in its historic form, can be described as unique in the world.

Founded 1,300 years ago, the city of Fes saw many different cultures and peoples, which also left their mark on the cityscape. For example, Fes benefited from its strategic location, as the crossroads of important caravan routes.

Sights in Fes

In the Middle Ages, an imposing fortress was built, which is still very well preserved today. Fes got its current image, during the French occupation at the beginning of the 20th century.

The old town of Fes offers countless historical treasures, for which you need several days to really see everything.

The many small shops where you can admire traditional African handicrafts are great. Also very impressive is the dyer’s quarter of Fes, in a very old and proven way, fabrics are dyed here in all possible colors.

In the downtown area, there are even some historic buildings that have been converted into accommodation, where you can stay entirely according to Moroccan customs.

Exploring the countryside of Fes

Tours by hire car to the region around Fez can be very appealing. Tours into the Atlas Mountains are interesting for hikers, mountaineers and alpinists alike.

In recent years, a number of huts have been built in the mountains that can be visited on multi-day tours, but you should be aware of any sacrifices in comfort.

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