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Exploring Mauritius by Hire Car

Mauritius, the island state in the Indian Ocean, is easy to explore by hire car. The road network is well developed, only about 40 kilometers are not asphalted.

Thereby, the entire road network covers a good 2,000 kilometers. So you can easily reach most places on the island with the hire car. For booking and travel, we have compiled a few tips.

Taking over the hire car

At Mauritius International Airport, you will find numerous hire car agencies just outside the Tour Operators Hall. Follow the signs or ask at the information desk.

Before renting the car, just make sure that your rental company is also located at the airport. After all, if his rental station is only close to the airport, you may have to wait a long time for a shuttle to take you to your hire car.

Booking the right hire car

If you manage to book a hire car with air conditioning and automatic transmission, you have already done a lot right. Air conditioning will make driving a pleasant experience even in tropical temperatures.

And the automatic transmission ensures that you can fully concentrate on the unfamiliar left-hand traffic without having to search for the right gears with your left hand.

Hire car prices

The prices for hire cars in Mauritius are in the higher middle range. If you book the car well in advance of your trip and use our handy price comparison, you can often get a particularly good deal.

hire car price comparison Mauritius

Insuring the car properly

The sometimes poor condition of the roads and the unusual left-hand traffic ensure that an accident can easily happen in Mauritius.

Safeguard yourself and book a hire car with fully comprehensive insurance without excess. With the liability, you should definitely pay attention to the amount of coverage.

They should be at least one million euros. Because if people are injured in an accident, it quickly becomes very expensive. If the coverage amount of your rental company does not seem sufficient, you can provide further protection with a so-called traveller policy. Talk to your insurance company and make sure that your traveller policy also covers Mauritius.

age limit

20 years is the age you need to be in Mauritius with most rental companies to get a hire car. And for some, the age limit is as high as 25 years.

Still others charge drivers under 25 an additional fee. Check with your rental company’s terms and conditions before renting the car.


Accessories, such as a navigation device or child seat, must always be ordered separately, even in Mauritius. Make reservations well in advance to ensure that your hire car company has the desired items in stock when you pick up your hire car.

Free kilometers

Although Mauritius may seem small and uncluttered at first, you’ll probably cover a lot of miles in a hire car because you can’t get enough of the gorgeous scenery.

So, rather book a car with all the kilometres free to enjoy the journeys without any worries.

Tank control

With most rental companies in Mauritius, you will receive the car with a full tank and return it with a full tank. This is a very transparent and fair solution for all parties involved.

You should only make sure to keep the last fuel receipt to be able to prove that you filled up the tank just before returning the car.


Make sure your card’s credit line is sufficient to cover the deposit due. And, if possible, book with a rental company that only blocks the deposit on your credit card.

After all, if the money is actually charged, it sometimes takes a long time for the amount to be transferred back after the car is returned.

Customer Satisfaction Hire Car

Many customers complain about the exterior condition of the vehicles. Always have scratches and dents confirmed in a fault report, so as not to be held liable for damage you did not cause when you return the car.

Complaints also sometimes arise because of long wait times. Plan a generous window of time, especially when returning the car, to avoid missing the plane.

Safety Hire Car

The road safety of some rental vehicles also leaves a lot to be desired in Mauritius. Before you start with the hire car, you should first test the complete lighting. Don’t forget the indicators and brake lights too. Then check that there is a first aid kit on board and check the tread of the tyres.

Check the oil level and do a little brake test while still in the rental company’s parking lot. At the first gas station, you should also test the air pressure of the tires. And if you notice any defects that affect the car’s roadworthiness, be sure to insist on a replacement vehicle.

Traffic Rules Mauritius

The roads in Mauritius are generally in good condition. There is a highway that goes from the airport in the southeast of the island to the north.

All road signs are in English and petrol stations close at 9pm. There is left-hand traffic, although traffic coming from the right still has priority.

Driving licence:
An international driving licence is recommended but not mandatory.
Please also check the applicable rental conditions of your hire car company on this point.

Promille limit:
The 0.5 promille limit applies everywhere in Mauritius.

The fines vary from case to case. Small amounts and speed limit violations are collected immediately.

Similar traffic rules apply as in Europe. Speed limits are 50 km/h in cities and 80 km/h is allowed on rural roads. The limit on motorways is 90 km/h. Making phone calls without a hands-free device is prohibited.

Suggestion for a trip by hire car

Port Louis: Lively Capital
The trip begins in Port Louis, the capital of the island of Mauritius. Stamp collectors will find their fortune at the Blue Penny Museum.

Here you can admire the most famous stamp in the world, the “Blue Mauritius”. After the museum, it is worth visiting the complex of Aapravasi Ghat. In the transit camp landed in the mid-19th

Century, thousands of Indian bonded labourers came to work on the island’s sugar cane plantations. UNESCO placed Aapravasi Ghat on the World Heritage List in 2006. Besides the entrance gate, many of the buildings have been preserved, for example the bathhouse, the infirmary and several residential houses.

Also influenced by Indian immigrants is the Hindu Minakshi Temple which is well worth a visit. You can then end the rest of the day with a leisurely shopping trip at Le Caudan Waterfront. About 120 shops compete for the favour of the customer. But also restaurants and cafés can be found here.

Curepipe: Volcano with distant views
The next day, the journey continues to Curepipe, the fourth largest city on the island. Your hire car will get you there in half an hour. Curepipe is located on the plateau and is known for its refreshing climate. Nearby you can visit the volcano Troux aux Cerfs. It has

Grand Bassin: Important Hindu pilgrimage site
The Grand Bassin is your next destination, which you can reach in fifteen minutes. It is especially worth visiting during the months of February and March, when the largest Hindu pilgrimage festival outside India takes place. Hundreds of thousands of devotees make their way to the Grand Bassin.

Out of this time, the place is rather quiet and you can view the various statues of the gods at your leisure.

Black River Gorges National Park: experience nature
The Black River Gorges National Park is also worth a stop. By hire car, you should plan on a three-quarter hour drive from Grnad Basin. In the national park, you can explore the flora and fauna of Mauritius on well-maintained trails.

Bel Ombre: Luxurious Beach Life
Bel Ombre is the name of the last stop on your road trip, which you can reach in half an hour by hire car. Here, gorgeous beaches and excellent hotels and restaurants await you. Golfers will also find what they are looking for, with several courses attracting guests.

Check into one of the luxurious hotels, lie by the pool or beach, have a cool drink served and plan the next stops of your Mauritius road trip at your leisure.


Short distances and a dreamlike landscape make Mauritius an ideal destination for a trip by hire car.

And with our handy price comparison you will also always find a suitable car at a reasonable price.

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