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Heat Travel: Relaxing in a Hire Car

It happens again and again. The air conditioning fails in your hire car and the nearest rental station is far away.

With our tips, you can still get to your destination relaxed in hot countries.

Have coolant refilled

Mostly missing coolant is the reason for the failure of the air conditioning. If you plan to be on the road with the hire car for a longer period of time and the rental company does not provide a replacement car, it may make sense to have the air conditioning checked in a workshop.

In Germany, a complete maintenance costs around 80 euros. But before you get into expenses, you should contact your rental company by phone and find out if they will cover the costs.

Then you will also find out if the contract allows you to have the car serviced at a garage. And maybe the friendly rental company can get you a replacement vehicle really quickly after all.

Aerate before driving

Before the drive begins, open all the doors of the car a few minutes before you start driving. This will allow the heat to escape from the inside of the car and the drive will at least begin at the outside temperature.

Put on towels

Especially if the car has leather seats, it can be uncomfortable to sit on the hot seat in shorts. Just lay down a terry towel.

This will keep the most heat off. Plus, the towel also absorbs sweat, which flows abundantly in a hot vehicle.

Drink a lot

Talking about sweat: To maintain your concentration while driving, you should drink enough. Three litres of water or juice spritzer a day should be enough in hot regions. If the body becomes dehydrated, it is quickly over with the ability to concentrate.

This is also shown by the accident figures. As the ADAC reports, on days with temperatures below 15°C, 47 percent of accidents are caused by a lack of concentration. On hot days, that number rises to 63 percent.

Taking breaks with the hire car

Driving in high heat demands a lot of energy from the body. Make sure you take regular breaks and make sure you park the car in the shade.

If you can’t find a shady spot, at least darken the windows with towels or clothes from your luggage.

This may not look elegant, but it will keep you reasonably cool as you continue your journey.

Warned against cold

Although it’s tempting to cruise through the heat with the windows wide open, you should resist the temptation. The airstream has caused many a sweaty motorist to catch a cold.

In addition, there is a risk of conjunctivitis. It is better to open the windows only a quarter of the way. That way, you still get a fresh breeze without the threat of catching a cold.

Night drive helps

If you’re not in a hurry, why not leave the hire car until dusk?

In the evening and night hours, they make good progress on empty roads and can enjoy the evening coolness.

Driving in the heat checklist

Aerate before you start driving

Drink plenty

Take regular breaks

Don’t open windows wide while driving

Drive at night, in the evening or early morning hours.

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