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Left-hand traffic: easier than thought

The left-hand traffic in some travel countries is even a reason for some to choose another holiday destination.

With that said, it’s not hard at all to master driving on the other side of the road.

We have put together some tips for you below.

Right side steering wheel

Even in countries with left-hand traffic, it is advisable to arrive by train or plane and to take the hire car only on the spot. Then the vehicle is built for left-hand traffic, which makes the journey much easier.

The steering wheel is not on the left side, as it is here, but on the right side.

This also means that the middle lane of the road is on the driver’s side as usual, making it easier for the driver to find his way around.

When the steering wheel is on the left, it is common to drive too far to the left. The driver is worried about crossing the median with the vehicle and colliding with oncoming traffic.

No fear of the pedals

Even if the steering wheel is on the “wrong” side, everything remains the same in the foot area. On the far right is the accelerator pedal, to the left of that is the brake, and then the clutch pedal follows in manual cars. So it’s not all unfamiliar.

Select automatic car

If the steering wheel is on the right side, it automatically means that the gearshift must be to the left of the driver.

Especially in the early days, the hire car customer who has rented a vehicle with a conventional gearshift will keep reaching into the void to the right to engage a gear.

Save yourself this stress and rent an automatic vehicle. Then all you have to do is move the selector lever to “D” for “Drive” and you can cruise away relaxed.

Our tips for handling an automatic vehicle can be found here.

Practice first

Even though the trip is supposed to be to London, it is still advisable to head for a quiet country road first after picking up the car at the airport.

There you can practise in peace and quiet and adjust to the unfamiliar driving situation.

And then, once they are used to the vehicle and left-hand traffic, you will be able to cope in the city.

Eyes on the roundabout

The roundabout is one of the highest hurdles for the inexperienced tourist. This is because people not only drive on the left side, they also drive on the left side of the roundabout. Drivers who want to merge into the roundabout have to wait until it is clear. Because on the roundabout, it’s right before left.

The left lane is reserved for motorists who want to leave the roundabout at the next exit. In the middle sort themselves out the road users who have to leave soon, but not immediately and on the far right drive those who still have a little time.

Caution when turning

Another problem many drivers have when turning right. Here, special thought should always be given to left-hand traffic.

Because otherwise they end up quite quickly on the right side of the lane.

But if you are traveling with a local hire car, the danger is much less.

Watch out on the highway

You should also exercise great caution on motorways.
There is traffic flowing on the left, overtaking on the right.

Choosing a hire car with sat nav

When renting your hire car, make sure to book a vehicle with a navigation system.

Then a friendly voice will direct you and you can fully concentrate on the traffic.

In general, don’t panic!

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